4° EES International Congress

Learning to do what's right: Waha Pono

 September 28th - October 2nd 2013
Wood Valley, Big Island, Hawaii (Usa)

Waha Pono

Dear ecotuners we are very happy to announce that we will soon meet again, and this time, on the Big Island of Hawaii, where Jorge Conesa Sevilla, EES co-founder, now lives and practices Ecopsychology.

On a beautiful place, with one of the richest biodiversity in the world, we will have a chance to share our Ecopsychology work, to learn from each other how to transform these ancient principles and new practices in action and to contribute to the necessary transformations from anthropocentric to ecocentric world views.

In this process we have a lot to learn from traditional and native cultures, that’s the reason we choose a Hawaiian location and title for our congress,
Waha Pono, means "doing the right thing", from an wide ecological point of view. ew.

Jorge Conesa's Art

The EES 2013 Congress will be a rare and wonderful opportunity for academics, professionals, and students to meet and share meaningful ideas and practices related to ecopsychology as interpreted and practiced on three continents and in seven countries.

Nechung Temple, at Wood Valley, Pāhala, Hawaii, is itself a peaceful and memorable location and the gateway to other quintessential Big Island locations (Volcano Village, Black Sand Beach, Kilauea Volcano, Mauna Loa Volcano, South Point, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Ka’u Desert, Hilo, etc.) all within an hour’s drive.

Very comfortable arrangements have been made for attendees at the temple guest house and nearby. Please, contact us about lodging information/arrangements since we have already reserved the entire facility for the congress. With advanced arrangements, tenting is possible at one of the locations.

The full EES 2013 conference fees cover September 28th-October 2nd, food (four dinners, four breakfasts, four lodges) lodging, and transportation  during the congress; the fees are listed below:

2012 EES members, Ecopsychology Schools Students:  The registration fee is $ 750 (€ 580); confirmation fee $ 200 by July 31, 2013. A private travel insurance is necessary and it is not included in the fee.

New EES members:  The registration fee is $ 850 (€ 650); confirmation fee $ 200 by July 31, 2013. A private travel insurance is necessary and it is not included in the fee.

Day attendance(includes meals and presentations): $ 100 - € 80

♦ Optional “Hawaiian Culture and Natural History”: Oct. 2, Trip to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: $ 30

Note: For international travelers, a private travel insurance is required and it is not included in the fee.

Post congress: from the night of October 2th until the morning of October 6th, each additional night: $60, food and travel to share.

Workshops and activities will be, predominantly in English, also in Spanish and Italian. Some translation will be available.

We will meet at the Nechung Monastery, Pahala, Wood Valley , Hawai'i (Big Island ). This location is near Punalu'u Black Sand Beach and Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park. We will be in the Ka'u District, considered to be the spiritual heart of Hawai'i and the home of the Volcano goddess, Pele. The closest international airport is Hilo (ITO).

Mahalo nui loa for your interest, participation, and support! 
To request a registration form and information on the journey (from U.S. and UK): orm and information on the journey (from U.S. and UK):  EES USA - nanimuquest @ yahoo.com

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