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Melinda Marton
Melinda Marton

About the therapist
‘I grew up in a beautiful Transylvanian village. Then I worked for nine years in therapeutic communities, in UK, Portugal and South Africa, where gardening, crafts and arts, social gatherings, singing and dance were part of daily life.

These two stages of my life taught me about the immense importance that nature has on our wellbeing. Understanding the land we are living on, learning about the culture, history, and geography connected to it, experiencing the seasonal changes, are all part of involvement in our community. This knowledge gives us a sense of grounding, of belonging, of feeling that we are not just living on that particular place, but that we are part of it.

This is my personal experience after living and working in many different cultures. And this is the reason for my interest in what I perceive as a more complete, integrative psychotherapeutic approach through Eco-psychology. My personal aim is peace, harmony and balance within myself and with the world around me. And this is also my therapeutic aim.’

Bachelor Degree in Psychology
Postgraduate Degree in Addiction Counselling
Masters Degree in Therapeutic counselling

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