What is EES

EES is a Non-profit Association that brings together professionals from different fields, committed to personal, relational and environmental awareness.

EES was founded in 2005 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, by a group of psychologists and counselors, after a first informal meeting in Perego (Lc) Italy, with Jorge Conesa Sevilla, and the Italian group of the Scuola di Ecopsicologia.

EES's first president was Jorge Conesa Sevilla and the first active charter was Italy under the direction of the psychologist Marcella Danon.

After the first EES international congress, in 2006 – “We are the Earth”, Saint Barthelemy, Aosta Valley , Italy - two more charters were created: Uruguay , directed by the Jungian psychotherapist Teresita Dominguez, and Greece , directed by the psychotherapist Cleo Apostolaky.

In 2007, Jorge Conesa Sevilla went back to USA and created an EES seat in Wisconsin.

In 2008, Mexico joined EES.

EES's second international conference in 2009, “Networking Planet,” gathered in Cerva (Valsesia), Italy. At that meeting, Marcella Danon became EES's president.

The USA charter moved to Hawaii.

In 2010, a group of psychologists from Spain came to Italy for the EES Training and Luz Dominguez and Enrique Repiso became EES Spain charters.

AAt the fourth International EES Congress held in Big Island Hawaii in September 2013, Australia, Argentina and Puerto Rico joined EES and Teresita Dominguez became EES President

In April 2014 Brasil entered in EES, in november 2014 also Chile.


EES aims

The association aims are to:
  • create a place for meeting, exchange and collaboration for Ecopsychology in Europe and the world;
    promote personal growth - individually and collectively - with greater environmental awareness, to enable real resources within families, groups and communities in the service of an ecocentric view and of a deep awareness of our earthly nature;

  • organize courses, conferences, seminars and meetings on the topic of Ecopsychology and its practical applications in therapy, education and training;

  • create professional development pathways (EES Training) to facilitate the dissemination of ecopsychologically oriented activities among professionals on topics addressing the fostering of relationship and of environmental education;

  • develop environmental education projects to be implemented in schools, parks, communities, and the work environment from an Ecopsychology perspective; that is involving and awakening the whole person;

  • promote Ecopsychology and create the conditions for its recognition in the academic world as an area within psychology.
The practical applications of Ecopsychology are not only in treatment, but also in the areas of personal growth, education, health, wellness, quality of human relationships, improving associations and organizations (industrial and organizational psychology), and to guide humans in the process of rebuilding a healthy relationship with the environment, individuals or collectively.

Ecopsychologists - psychologists and psychotherapists who specialize in Ecopsychology and recognized by EES - can prepare counselors, educators, teachers, health professionals, environmental guides, entertainers, managers, to conduct activities that can be described as "Ecopsychology oriented." EES offers a 200-hour training. This training provides theoretical and practical instruction and confers certification for "Ecotuner," that is recognized by all EES charters worldwide. />
The founding members of each EES charter are psychologists or professionals in related fields (e.g., education, human services, etc.) with prior experience and/or certification in all areas related to counseling.

EES Charter members and worldwide associates

Joining EES

EES invites you to join an international community committed to the spreading and application of Ecopsyhcology.

EES allows you to present and designate your activities as "ecopsychologically affiliated" within a wider and professional context providing a greater visibility.

EES offers training, promotes projects, organizes a biennial international conference for the meeting and exchange between professionals operating in the field of environmental care and personal growth.

Members can write and promote their activities on EcopsiWiki (a public wiki dedicated to ecopsychology), and Netwoking Planet (online study center of the Italian School of Ecopsychology, open to all EES members).

You can join EES through any of the EES Charter members organized to collect subscriptions. The association is valid in all EES representations.

How to became an EES Associate
EES Training
  Professional training in: Italy - Spain - Uruguay



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